Christmas Is Coming…

We’re at the beginning of December and that means only one thing is approaching… Christmas! But what makes us oh-so excited for Christmas? What’s making those dark, dreary mornings and pitch-black journeys home just a little more bearable?

1. The London Lights

You know the Christmas lights that have been dangling from the London city skies ever since June? Well, they’re now in full blaze! And my gosh, don’t they look lovely.

London christmas lights

2. Bye-bye November

It’s only the 1st December!” you tell yourself. Scrooge, or what? Halloween’s suddenly so last year and now you can’t walk without knocking into a bunch of golden tinsel and silver baubles!

3. Birthday Cards Have Vanished

You just want to buy your grandma an 80th birthday card but finding anything without the words “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Christmas” is becoming mission impossible.

4. Online Visits to ASOS..

Christmas sales are popping up at every online store and you just can’t help but take a sneaky peek at the ASOS sale button… Can’t say I blame you. We’ve just had ourselves a Black Friday and now we’re all hoping for a white Christmas!

ASOS red jumpsuit

One Shoulder Drape Jumpsuit, ASOS

5. Sprouts? More Sprouts?

There’s an invasion of Brussel Sprouts while you’re on your weekly Tesco’s shop. For some reason the festive season seems to increase the quantity of sprouts and also satsumas. Of course, traditionally this is accompanied by your unhealthy ‘seasonal goods’: Terry’s Chocolate Orange, shortbread and apple pies… Don’t mind if I do!

6. It’s Suddenly Socially Acceptable To Wear a Reindeer Hat In Public

Get them reindeer headbands out. You know you want to.

7. Boyfriend for Christmas?

We’re approaching that time again when girls on your Twitter are tweeting about wanting a boyfriend to snuggle up to this Christmas. A boyfriend? Why don’t you just buy yourself a jumper? Usually followed by boys tweeting about how it’s ‘cuffing season’, whatever that means…

8. Wooly Jumpers!

The idea of feeling great in a boob-tube just isn’t so appealing anymore. It’s OK to look like a cardboard box in this ball of fluffiness as long as I’m comfy and Chrismassy.

Christmas jumper

9. Home Alone has returned on TV

You’re either gonna’ groan or squeal of excitement.

10. Turn on The Radio… Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Come on, embrace it! You can’t turn on the radio anymore without getting bombarded by Jingle Bell Rocks. Your brother won’t stop whistling it and your dog’s walking around in a Christmas tutu. Accept it… Christmas is near.