4 useful, every-day apps

When it comes to staying organised, my phone is the first thing I turn to. As we all know, apps have become so much more advanced over the last few years and app-developers are constantly developing app ideas that will help our every day lives. I can be a bit of a tech-geek when I want to be, so I’d like to share my top four most handy apps that I use on a daily basis.


clue app

Clue is a wonderful app that I would recommend to all ladies. This app is prime for ‘that time of the month’. It is an app of organisation that works out your monthly cycle and tells you when you will start menstruating, how long for, when you are at your most fertile and when you are not fertile. This clever app combines all the information you provide, to encourage a calm and predictable period. There are also other features that I find quite interesting, such as being able to input your mood, symptoms such as bloating, what your skin is like today and much more. This way in the future you could conclude that your skin is more oily whilst you’re menstruating, for example. Overall, I find this app really useful.


soundhound app
Soundhound is another great app and I’m sure many of you have heard of it, but for those that haven’t, this app can detect any song you record or hum (just make sure you hum it in tune!) With most music-detecting apps you usually have to record the song you like the sound of, ensuring there there is no background noise, but Soundhound makes this easier as you can even whistle or hum the song you like. Soundhound will then name the song for you along with the artist. Another wonderful app!


true caller app

How loud is that sigh of yours when a number you don’t recognise has called you for the 50th time today? Truecaller is an app that tells you straight away when a spammer is calling you. This way, you can either instantly reject the calls or just block spammer numbers. Truecaller also gives you the option to “update your spammer list” often, so that new spam numbers are constantly recognised and you don’t have to deal with them anymore. As well as that, any non-spam callers you are still confused about are easily searchable on this app. What a relief!

Sleep Time

sleep time app

The one sound I dislike more than anything is the iPhone’s alarm tone. No matter how often I’d change the alarm sound, it just never sounded any better – always loud and harsh. I find the app Sleep Time great, because its alarm fades in slowly increasing in volume so that you are not suddenly woken up by a loud, annoying ringtone. You also have the choice between many different peaceful alarm tones that do not disrupt your sleep so abruptly. The main advantage of this lovely app is that it also keeps an eye on your sleep activity and provides you with a sleep report every time you wake up, so that you can see if you sleep-talked last night or moved around a lot.