Autumn Escapes for Lovers

The nights are drawing in, there’s already a distinct biting chill in the air and the once green leaves have begun to rust and fall from their branches; autumn is here. But as we battle the drizzle and prepare to head into the new season bundled up in our knitwear and looking towards Christmas, the world begins to erupt into a glorious golden glow, offering us the perfect romantic escapes this October.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Famed as one of the most beautiful places in the world the Plitvice Lakes National Park, in Croatia is a must see with the one you love. Azure and turquoise coloured waters weave their way amongst the lush park making for a hiking backdrop like no other. With crowds descending summer, autumn is the ideal time to see this natural awe inspiring beauty in all of its glory.



Santorini, Greece

Ah Santorini! With striking sunsets, charming clifftop towns, delicious food and not to mention delightful autumn temps of 23°C, Santorini ranks high on lovers’ destinations for good reason. So escape the humdrum this autumn and jet off to the whitewashed architecture, sip the local wine, wander along the Red Beach hand in hand and watch as the sun sets Oia. Who knows you might even catch a tan!


Lake District

The Lake District

There’s no need to wander too far this autumn, when fall is the perfect time to explore places a little closer to home. The Lake District with its spectacular views, crisp mornings and picturesque misty mountains is the perfect place to spend some alone time with a partner. Get lost in conversation as you set off on foot to explore this stunning English countryside.




“We’ll always have Paris”. It’s the classic and most sought after romantic break of all. But after a hot and sleepy August, Paris awakes again come fall. An array of burnt orange leaves and clear night skies strung with stars, make it the ultimate place for lovers. Take in the art and exhibitions, explore the Louvre and cruise down the Seine, then share a stolen kiss or two under the most famous tower of all.


New England

New England

Why not take things long-haul with a trip state side this autumn. With its rich landscape, fresh air and wide open spaces New England is the place for couples looking to escape it all and get back to nature. Kayaking, fishing, and hiking a plenty make New England the natural choice for the outdoorsy couple looking for an adventure.