Basic B***h Cosmetics


basic bitch cosmetics

Former Made in Chelsea star and PETA representative Lucy Watson has made a exciting debut in the world of cosmetics, launching Basic Bitch Cosmetics, a cruelty free, affordable range of lipsticks.

“This has been a true labour of love and it was vital to me that the range is cruelty free so I’m delighted that Basic Bitch are also approved by PETA. I just hope everyone loves the lipsticks as much as I do and I can’t wait to reveal new products in the New Year.” – Lucy Watson

basic bitch cosmetics

Looking to the future Lucy is keen to expand Basic Bitch to tackle every aspect of your make up regime, but for now their offering of just three lipsticks has proven incredible popular; already selling out of two of the three colours, which is an incredible achievement considering the brand only launched on 13th November!

basic bitch cosmetics

Packed full of Vitamin E and at just £18 these lipsticks are a worthy contender, standing up to even the most established make up brands. In recent times, with a greater transparency to the cruel animal practices taking place behind the closed doors of major shiny brands, consumers are searching for alternatives.

Their social media accounts are rapidly expanding, with a clever mash up of creative product shots, customer re-posts and inspirational quotes. Basic Bitch has caught the attention and the imagination of the conscious consumers, who engage, share and chat with each other online.

basic bitch cosmetics

Lucy’s infamous attitude and no nonsense nature has earned her the worthy place of everyone’s dream best friend – because let’s be real, if we would want anyone to fight our corner Lucy would be in the top 3 at least! Her attitude is one that demands respect, she’s fiercely loyal and wonderfully passionate, and it’s all of these qualities that makes her the perfect person to launch a forward thinking, independent brand such as Basic Bitch.

So take a leaf out of Lucy’s book and make a statement against animal cruelty and look fabulous whilst doing it!