Goodbye Christopher Robin
There seems little else to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon except to get cosy, drink copious amounts of tea and watch a film. That is exactly what I di....
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Three Autumn Trends
As I type this, the rain is falling heavily outside my bedroom window and the wind is blustering around the trees. I can see the leaves turning rich b....
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A Seasonal Palette: Autumnal Dressing
When we think of autumn, our thoughts turn to cosy afternoons spent beside the fire, rainy evenings retreating to the local pub with friends, hearty r....
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Timeless Trends: The Breton
Talking about the rise of the polka dot trend in recent weeks, it got me thinking about other enduring trends that continue to stand the test of time.....
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A Thought for Autumn
I always find the transition from summer to autumn the hardest – as I’m sure most people do. From winter to spring is probably the one we all most....
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