Activewear so good you’ll want to workout!
New Year, New You! It’s the tired time old mantra we all love to hate, but just can’t help but give into. January is, and always has been, the mon....
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Defiance and Belief
Each day I am inspired by the story of JK Rowling and Harry Potter as told by tour guides. As I work in my atelier in Covent Garden, London, I along w....
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Autumn Round-Up
Over the last two months I have heard some lovely terms of endearment that have made me smile. You have introduced me to your friends and colleagues a....
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Simple Home Improvements – The Bedroom
An urge to update your wardrobe or renovate your home is a common occurrence in the new year. Perhaps it is the opportunity for rejuvenation or reviva....
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January Reads for 2018
As we start the new year and attempt to drag ourselves through the cold, winter months we are inundated with self-help, mindfulness and healthy-eating....
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