My Semple Story
I find it so easy to sit with our clients and help design them a Semple dress and yet when it came to designing my own, I went blank! I suddenly felt ....
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Workwear inspired by vintage style icons
Women’s workwear is a rather monotonous affair. Often mimicking mens silhouettes: boxy and boring, further described using words such as dull and co....
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Dupes or Designer: The Imitation Game
As I scroll through Instagram, have a read of my favourite blogs, a browse at a few online shops or wind down with a video on YouTube, I often see the....
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4 Summer Trends to Try Now
It only feels like yesterday when we were considering the trends for spring and getting excited for the warmer days that lay ahead, and now here we ar....
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A summer message from your designer, Maggie
You may have seen our promotion The Semple Club on social media over the weekend. Aimed at future leaders, the Semple Club enables women to buy in t....
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