Are Millennials to Blame?
I listened to a very interesting and profound speech the other day by Simon Sinek. He was discussing millennials and how they shouldn’t be blamed fo....
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Green with Envy
Popping into my favourite shops and having an evening scroll through online, it seems that in amongst the seasonal hues of browns and burgundy so prom....
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Cold weather beauty essentials
Following the arrival of autumn, those days of bitterly cold winds and unforgiving downpours will become more and more frequent. We start to consider ....
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The importance of kindness
When we start to consider the mantras by which we live, I’m sure there are many that people consider important to live by. From taking money more se....
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The Gift Of Giving
With my boyfriend’s birthday fast approaching always comes the obligatory line – ‘Oh, don’t worry about getting me anything’, quickly follow....
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