Take time to reflect
Even as we enter a new year, we always forget the importance of reflection. Of looking back and taking stock. Of admitting what we did, how we felt an....
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Unclutter your mind
They say, don’t they, that a tidy house equals a tidy mind. There is certainly some truth in this, for the majority at least. It’s like anything, ....
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Committed to not Committing
Can’t commit, won’t commit Modern dating, is there anything more depressing or lonely? The logic behind it just doesn’t make any sense ....
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A Different Perspective
In an unexpected – and wholly welcomed – visit from my best friend last week who returned on a surprise whim from Cambodia for Christmas, it got m....
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A Fresh Start
So here we are. Another year has been and gone.Although reflections and resolutions can be made at any time - why not the 1st July for example? - ther....
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