Brighten Up A Tired Face

Do you ever arrive at work to hear the cringe-inducing words “you look tired today”? We’ve all been there. That next episode of Pretty Little Liars last night was just too good to miss, and now all of a sudden you’ve only had about 4 hours of sleep. The bags under your eyes are punishing you for it. Luckily, I’ve discovered a must-have, inexpensive make-up guide to help banish your tired-looking days.

Reach for that tap

splash water

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Do you usually wash your face with warm water? Well, this water temperature won’t be doing your skin any favours. “Cold water works as a vasoconstrictor to restrict blood flow to the area, which in turns reduced redness and swelling” explains natural beauty blogger, Lindsey Johnson. Refresh your skin with some cool water and your morning glow is well on its way.

Raid your kitchen

spoon under eye

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Now you’ve probably heard of this one before – and that’s because it really works. If you struggle with eye bags, keep reading! Grab two spoons and put them in the freezer while you make yourself a cuppa. Once they’ve cooled, hold the spoons underneath your eyes for a few seconds (curved-side inwards). Ta-da! Under-eye puffiness should subside.

White eyeliner magic


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A trusty white eyeliner really has helped me out on sleepy mornings. For just £2.99 at Boots, I use a Rimmel white liner to line around the inner corners of my eyes and along the top of my eyelids. Blend this white liner with your finger and you’ll see your eyes POP against any dull, tired skin. You can also do any of the following with concealer.

Did you know that black eyeliner along your waterline can make your eyes appear smaller? One great trick to never miss is to line your waterline with white eyeliner just over half way, and then line the outer corner of your waterline with black eyeliner. Bonus: your eyes now look larger and more awake.

white eyeliner 2

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Take this one step further by applying your white liner in a triangular shape around your eyebrows and under your brow line. Yes, this may seem over the top at first, but I guarantee this will shape your brows, give you a mini face-lift and make you look unbelievably awake.

Curl them eyelashes

curl lashes

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If it’s one of those mornings where you just want to crawl back into bed, get your trusty curlers out. A bigger curl helps to open up your eyes, but just make sure you get it right! Hold the curler at a 45-degree angle, right from the root, and for longer-lasting lashes heat your curler with a hair-dryer. Pair this with brushing your mascara outwards on your outer lashes and your eyes will be looking bright and doll-like.

Morning dew

dewy skin

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Use a fair amount of moisturiser underneath a liquid-based foundation to ensure a dewy, healthy glow to your skin. A slight shine to your face makes you look young and awake.