Choose luxury this Valentine’s day

The month of love is upon us. Whether you are an avid supporter of Valentine’s Day, or try your best to ignore it, the sentiment is certainly a nice one to acknowledge and indulge in.

It can be tricky though. We are inundated with red roses, heart-shaped chocolates, bottles of bubbly or mass-produced teddy bears holding declarations of love. How to celebrate this day that itself celebrates love but in a way that is special, intimate and more personal that the supermarket options?

The key is thoughtfulness. Treating that special someone to something you know they will love. Something you know they will cherish and appreciate. After all, is this not the very essence of love? Of being with someone who cherishes you and loves you for who you are? Someone who accepts and celebrates all of your quirks, likes and loves?

You could go with a beautifully practical gift – something small that they will use and hold every day. Something that, perhaps, will remind them of you and the gift you surprised them with on Valentine’s Day 2019.

If you’re looking down the more luxurious route, for a gift that is special, bespoke and personal, the Semple Gift Experience takes all those decision-making worries away without taking any of the credit. With three packages to choose from, each offers your loved one an alternative to the impersonality and inconvenience of high-street shopping. What’s more, it offers the perfect excuse to plan a future date where she can unveil her beautifully made dress on another special occasion.

What about something sparkly that makes a statement? Buying jewellery is notoriously difficult – will they like it? Is it too big? While the answer to the latter is never, the former, in my opinion, is that if you like it and you’ve taken the time to choose it, then yes, she will. Have conviction in your decision. The time you take to ponder, to stare, to consider, to wonder and choose will mean more to her than you know.

Mulberry Long Wallet | Mulberry | £295

Chloe Drew | Farfetch | £1090

Valentino Rockstud Envelope Clutch | Selfridges | £455

Saint Laurent Card Holder | Selfridges | £180