Dreaming of Revelry


In recent years festivals have become our giant playgrounds of marvellous adventure, to be discovered with friends of old and new. Born from a love of freedom and community, festivals used to be small and unique, but today the days filled with escapism and nights steeped in hedonism have become common ground amongst a younger generation looking for a creative and rebellious outlet in which to express their youth.


Upon entering such wonderland, we say goodbye to the outside world – social media takes a back seat and our 9-5 jobs are soon a distant memory. Our existence knows only the bounds of the festival gates, bulging with memories made and moments just around the corner. And that’s it isn’t it? The wonderful maybes and uncertainties of it all.

We revel in the dirt, build a temporary community amongst a sea of tents and throw our inhibitions to the wind – joy is the only goal here.


Built for a weekend only, part of their attraction is the small timescale in which you have to discover them – it’s human nature to want to explore and experience, add to this the fear of missing out and you have one hell of a good time! We push our bodies further in order to make the most of our time there; we drink more, move more and sleep less.


Our society today is larger and more aware of world issues, all the while making our world seem smaller; travel and communication is easier, but finding a unique and undiscovered place is becoming harder. Festivals have therefore become a haven of adventure, accessible to the masses.


The coming together of people, singing and swaying along to the sounds of summer is such a simple yet powerful act. Come rain or shine the festival spirit cannot be dampened. Memories are made, songs are sung and photos are taken – festivals are what you make of them.