Ecoffee Cup


“Each year 100 billion single use cups end up as landfill.” – Ecoffee Cup

With the world’s café culture at an all time high, the demand for coffee on the go has also never been higher. From long journeys on the motorway, to quick stops on the tube you’re sure to spot more than a handful of commuters cradling a hot cup of coffee, however the single use cups that cafes are using today are posing a problem that is hard to ignore because almost all disposable coffee cups are unrecyclable, therefore ending their lives in landfill.

ecoffee cup

Cafes across the UK are trying to face the issue, with household names such as Starbucks introducing their new £1 reusable, plastic coffee cups – presenting these cups each time you buy a Starbucks coffee will get you 25p off of your drink also. However this type of scheme is not affordable for independent coffee houses, who rely on bulk buying their coffee cups to keep costs low and competitive.

ecoffee cup

Consumers have been actively searching for ‘greener’, fairly traded, quality coffee for some years now and in return cafes have been producing outstanding coffee to keep up with demand. Now it’s time for consumers to do their bit and seek alternatives for the single use coffee cups….introducing Ecoffee Cup.

ecoffee cup

Using bamboo firethe world’s fastest growing and most sustainable cropEcoffee Cup gives us the chance to enjoy coffee at the same rate, with less environmental impact. Not only are they beautiful, they are also BPA and phthalate free! And the use of naturally sterile bamboo fibre ensures your coffee flavour isn’t tainted.

ecoffee cup

Ecoffee Cup boasts the claim that it can be used for a lifetime, if you treat it nicely. However if you did want to dispose of it, the cup itself is biodegradable and the lid, and sleeve are recyclable. They’re an amazing gift for the coffee lover in your life, or simply a treat for yourself!

Drink coffee. Do good. #stopthe100billion