Leafcard – The Future is Green


leaf card

I’ve often heard it said that the future is green, as more and more people are adapting their lifestyles and diets to reflect a healthier way of life. Vegetarians, vegans and *flexitarians are at an all-time high, swapping animal produce for plant power is the new protein powder gym selfie.

*Flexitarian – a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish.

leaf card

These conscious dietary changes being made by younger generations are a snapshot into the type of future for our planet. Greener micro changes by individuals will become an easily achievable way to help make a difference on a wider scale.

Companies around the world are feeling the pressure to source their materials and market their products in a more responsible way as consumers become far more aware of ingredients and production processes. As our education on the subject matter grows, companies are having to adapt their objectives and goals in order to meet our growing expectations.

leaf card

Leafcard is the perfect example of a company recognising and acknowledging the needs of consumers. As a Leafcard holder you can dine for free at multiple restaurants and bar across London, spending a minimum of £5 to get a vegetarian meal free of charge.

leaf card

Leafcard is a yearly subscription of just £24 which is an incredibly great price, considering that you would easily spend over £24 on a single meal, let alone in the capital!

Having only launched in September last year, Leafcard are the ones to watch, especially as we continue to develop our taste for the veggie options. So find out more and get your Leafcard here today!