Love Yourself


In daily life, many of us struggle internally with some kind of insecurity. We put up a facade and attempt to embody confidence in order to help us get through our routine but when the day ends, we are still left with the little niggles we dislike about ourselves and the things that make us unhappy. I think that in that situation, it is easy for us to assume that those around us aren’t struggling with their own internal battle. It is easy to assume that no one else has an issue with themselves, whether it be about their skin, their weight, a certain characteristic in their personality. No matter how happy we are, we will always have one little thing about ourselves that we don’t like. And in that situation, it’s extremely important to remind ourselves that other people do too.


Not only can an insecurity make us feel alone, if we aren’t careful these self doubts can also threaten to consume us. By magnifying an issue, we can convince ourselves that other people must see the issue in us too. An insecurity can become totally overwhelming simply because we are allowing our insecurities to define us. It is easier said than done, but we must remember that these niggles are a manifestation of the mind; something that was once a slight dislike we had of ourselves, has now snowballed in to something so much more intense. Insecurities can even taper with our social interaction as we are constantly aware of them.


By taking a step back and remembering that your work colleagues probably can’t even see the eczema on your skin, or that your new date probably thinks your nose is cute rather than the opposite, you will be taking a much healthier approach to life. Instead of picking out the things we dislike about ourselves, we should focus on the aspects we like and most of all, learn to love ourselves.