Makeup Dupes For Christmas

I’m a lover of makeup, but I’m not such a makeup guru that I’d be willing to pay over £20 on a new MAC lipstick on a weekly basis, or £80 on a foundation just because it’s ‘high-end’. £40 is the highest I’d go for my Clinique Foundation and anything higher I would kindly ask for at Christmas time. That’s why I thought I’d do my research on makeup dupes, so that you can all have the pleasure of buying a cheaper version of that NARS Highlighter you’ve wanted for months but simply have too much pride to buy. So, here are my list of affordable high end makeup copies that you can’t miss out on.

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. Save: £9.50

                              mac ruby woo lipsticknyx lipstick red

Instead of spending £15.50 on a lipstick you may only wear on nights out, add the NYX Perfect Red Matte Lipstick to your basket by leaving your bank balance short of only £6. Reviewers vow that NYX provide a gorgeous alternative to MAC with their matte shades being smoother and moisturising in texture when compared. With 83% of people saying they would repurchase the NYX Matte Lipstick range, you cannot afford to miss out on this dupe.

Benefit Brow Kit. Save: £16.01

          benefit brow kit  sleek brow kit

The Benefit brow kit really is wonderful and one of my faves if I want to spend extra time on my brows, but at £24.50 it’s a little pricey. Pop down to Superdrug and buy its copy, the Sleek Brow Kit, for only £8.49 and you won’t be disappointed! The product is rated 5 stars online, with most customers stating they cannot fault the kit and that it’s almost exactly the same as Benefit‘s version. In fact, Sleek‘s brow kit offer four shades (light, dark, extra dark and black) compared to Benefit offering three.

NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush. Save: £20.00

               nars albatross highlighting blushmakeup revolution highlighter

Makeup Revolution provide an amazing highlighter so similar to NARS’ Albatross Highlighter, called ‘Highlighter in Golden Lights’ at an astonishing £3. This illuminating powder has a stunning champagne/golden tone to it just like NARS’, and its tiny specks of shimmer and glitter make it the perfect product for a night out. With NARS‘ highlighter being £23, you’re saving £20 with this dupe!

Urban Decay NAKED Eye shadow Palette. Save: £33.00

           urban decay naked eyeshadowMUA eyeshadow

With MUA‘s ’12 Shade Undressed’ palette containing ten highly pigmented metallic shades, two matte shades and almost every colour matching the Urban Decay palette, it’s really worth saving £33. The only main differences between these two products is that the MUA palette shades are a little chalkier, and the MUA palette applicator is more of a throw-away brush. But if spending £37 on a palette this Christmas really isn’t one of your priorities, head for the MUA aisle in Boots and spend just £4.

Dior Vernis in Nuit 1947 Nail Polish. Save: £7.51

                   dior nuit 1947 nail varnish essie sole mate

For just £7.99 you can replicate Dior‘s gorgeously vampy, deep burgundy ‘Nuit 1947’ nail colour, perfect for this Christmas. Essie provide this lovely colour in the shade ‘Sole Mate’ with the only differences being that Dior‘s is slightly darker and has a thicker consistency; however, paint another layer on with Essie‘s version and you’d achieve the same depth of colour. My verdict is, if you’re hopeless at painting your nails, stick with Dior as their wide, rounded brush makes painting easier. If not, save £7.51 and go for Essie Sole Mate!