The Worlds Gone Mer-mad!

Just when we thought our days of dreaming about being a mythical sea creature had to be put on the shelf along with our DVDs of Splash and The Little Mermaid, a new wave of fantasy features have come from under the sea to add a glimmer of fun to our lives. Like a pebble in the ocean the ripples are now being felt around the world, as what may have started out as a micro trend on Etsy has now sprung into an ‘o-fishial’ obsession that the world is embracing.


Embrace your inner Ariel with quirky hair chalk

Take a recent snap of Britney Spears casually flapping about her pool in an iridescent fin, fishtails are becoming the ‘it’ accessory for any dips in the blue, and if you think it’s just a celebrity fad followed by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry gone, you’d better brace your inner mermaid for the news that the mer-madness has gone global.


In downtown Sacramento USA, professional mermaids perform elaborate routines in a 40 foot aquarium populated by live fish! From combing their hair with a ‘dinglehopper’ (fork), to moving through underwater bubbles, the entertainment world is captivating everyone’s imaginations with real-life Aerials. And if you can’t afford tickets to that show, why not just book your own private mermaid to hang out with at home?


Dive Bar, Sacramento

Rather than book a boring old clown, mums and dads are hiring professional merfolk to sit in their children’s paddling pools at parties. Why was this not invented when we were younger? If you’re now seriously eyeing up your own bespoke fishtail and wondering how on earth you’re going to learn to swim in it, then don’t worry yourself with the details as exercise classes are now popping up to help you get the complete core strength workout that our fin-tailed friends are so well known for.

Of course it may seem like this fin-tastic new way of life is only for those that have the weather to support such hobbies, but fear not, because if you want to release your inner mermaid without getting wet, designers are lining up the rails with sequinned embellished ensembles that can make us feel like a fish out of water. For example, Sophia Webster’s A/W collection reveals the shimmering tails of mermaids don’t have to be worn in such a literal sense, and can be strutted down the high street in flamboyant booties that would make Ariel consider being human more than Prince Eric.


Coco Boot, £550, Sophia Webster


Skinnydip Mermaid Shell Bag, £30, ASOS

Add yourself to the ‘Under-The-Sea’ Pinterest board that’s making the rounds and you’ll soon have a wardrobe drowning in aqua inspired glamour.