Paper Towns


paper towns

From the creative minds of The Fault in Our Stars comes Paper Towns, an original love story that takes to the road. A road trip is something we all dream about, whether it’s with a loved one, with friends, or with family. It’s personally been my goal since watching my all time favourite movie, Thelma & Louise. There’s just something about the open air, small-town diners and cheap motels;  a romanticism that we can’t quite explain. So if like me, your dream road trip won’t be happening this summer, dream a little longer with Paper Towns

paper towns

If you’re not familiar with the author of the book that the film is based on, you better educate yourself. John Green is quickly becoming the voice of a generation. From poignant novels about love, loss and society, to a YouTube channel that discusses everything from humanitarian issues to video blogs of all the on-set action of his book’s film adaptations. His novels have struck a chord with a variety of people, from all ages, regardless of them being categorised as ‘young adult’ and I believe that is credit to his amazing writing. His characters may be in high school and his storylines centre around the rise and falls of teenagehood, but their voices and their experiences transcend age.

paper towns

Some familiar faces in the film are sure to pull the crowds, even if the storyline itself wouldn’t have. Nat Wolff plays love-sick Quentin, who also starred as Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars, a crossover that die hard Green fans will appreciate. But the main draw for this film is supermodel come British icon, Cara Delevingne, taking on the role of Margo, the film’s wild card, love interest, and mystery. The casting of Cara is a specifically clever one, not only is she amongst the hottest A-listers right now but her stance on world issues and her abandonment to conform to societal norms makes her a leading lady that girls can look up to. Stepping away from modelling and stepping out with her girlfriend Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) was a brave move for the 22 year old; but then again she’s never been shy.


One things for sure, this film has ‘box office smash’ written all over it. From a killer soundtrack from Vance Joy, Vampire Weekend and Haim amongst others, to a sure-fire screenplay from the same people who did The Fault in Our Stars. And if that taught us anything be sure to bring your tissues, they aren’t afraid to tug on your heart strings. So while we wait patiently for it to hit our screens, delve a little deeper and take a look at what’s to come….