Petit Jardin D’Art

They are this year’s biggest gardening trend and you won’t even need a green thumb to enjoy them; so if you are yet to get on the succulent band wagon then it’s about time you indulged yourself in a little haute horticulture. 

Bringing nature inside has never been more important than it is today, surrounding ourselves with plants is good for our health and for the plant and acts as the yin to the yang of our technology driven world. Therefore it’s not surprising that succulents are popular amongst the younger generations who now choose to deck out their homes and room with mini gardens.

Visually stunning and incredibly easy to look after they are the perfect hassle free house plant and make an even better gift. They will long outlive the bouquet of flowers and there is something quite lovely about a gift that keeps on giving.

Petit Jardin d’Art a local business in the heart of Surrey sat up and took notice of the growing trend and decided to turn their passion for plants into a profitable business. Petit Jardin’s unique selling point are their Living Frames. Water retentive plants such as our much adored succulents and planters can be hung both indoors and outdoors, adding beauty and drama to the home as the fabulous architectural succulents grow and mature – a forever changing picture that bring new meaning to the term wall flower. Petit Jardin doesn’t stop there, their collections spans vintage crockery, mason jars and any other little vessel they can lay their hands on. One of a kind, these handmade miniature gardens will add a burst of life to your home or make a special gift. So join the in crowd and get serious about succulents.

Succulents Secrets

Succulents are forgiving and their maintenance is minimal so just follow the steps below and your living frame will love you for it!

  1. Water succulents approximately once every 2 weeks dependent on conditions. Don’t be scared to water them…the idea is just not to overwater them, this they won’t like!
  2. Take the frame down and lay on a flat surface the moisten the soil using a small watering can. Ensure the water has soaked in before you hang the picture again (approx 30 minutes).
  3. Succulents love to be in a sunny, sheltered position, however they don’t want blazing sun all day as this will scorch them. They can withstand low temperatures, but they won’t fair well with too much wind or rain so protect them over winter.
  4. Love your succulents and they will love you back!