Rain, Rain Go away, come again another day

Rain Wedding

With my best friend’s wedding looming and the weather set to look less than perfect, it has only further commented what I ultimately always knew…you can never plan anything in England; even a wedding in August! That being said, just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean the rain needs to put a dampener on the day. So if you too have impending nuptials or are in the midst of planning your dream wedding here are a few tips on how to make sure that the wet weather doesn’t spoil your big day.

Plan shelter

Making your day a success all comes down to planning and that goes for the weather too. When you’re scheduling how the day will pan out, make sure you take the possibility of rain into account. Of course, it would be lovely if your guests can sip Champagne and munch on canapes in the gardens of your venue but if it’s raining is there somewhere else that they can go? Check with the venue and make sure they can accommodate all your guests.

Get the guests covered

Weddings generally include a lot of waiting about so do your guests a solid and provide umbrellas so they can get some shelter from the storm. There are ton of quirky designs online to fit any themes, but clear dome umbrellas will also look chic and seamless. If you’re the bride naturally you’ll want a big white fancy one and Notonthehighstreet.com have plenty that will compliment rather than hinder your look.


Rain Wedding

Weather proof the dress

No one likes a soggy bottom, so ask you dress maker to fit a bustle to your underskirt that way if the weather decides it isn’t going to play ball your ball gown will be saved. At the first sign of showers hook up your train to the underskirt and voilà disaster adverted.

Laugh it off

There’s no use crying over spilt milk; or damp dresses for that matter! As hard as it can be embrace the weather, don’t allow a little H20 to bring you down. Laugh about it in your speeches, blast out Prince’s Purple Rain and ring out that veil because a little rain never hurt no one.

Remember what’s important

This is your big day yes, but it is far more than the big white dress, the setting and the weather. It’s about two people coming together to vow forever, in sickness and I health, come rain or shine.


Rain Wedding


Prep your photographer

This is probably the most tricky when it comes to wet weddings. We all dream of those outdoor whimsical shoots under the dream elms but then the drizzle won’t allow it we need to get creative. Speak to your photographer about planning for bad weather and it might even a good idea to have a pre-wedding pow wow at the venue so he or she can scout the location and get some inspo for shots so that you till end up with gorgeous images at the end of the day .