Seasonal Self Care

When we’re in times of worry, stress, contemplation or indecision, we often find it difficult to find a balance. One that helps us to relax and restore, taking us back to a place where we feel happy and content.

When we are struck down with one or more of these feelings then, how do we find this balance? Whether it’s a heavy work-load, a tense relationship, a money worry or a health concern, it’s inevitable that we may experience these feelings on a weekly – or even daily – basis. It is a rare occurrence to not have any worries, to be carefree and footloose. When one worry is dispelled or solved, we are soon lumbered with the next concern.

Our minds whirl with indecision as we find burden after burden weighing us down. The thing is too, that a worry is such a subjective thing. What worries and concerns one may have, may be just an air of indifference for another.

With the inevitable stresses of modern-day life heavily marred by working long hours with little time to wind down – and especially coming into the dark months of winter – we can feel that all important ‘me-time’ begin to waver. We have little time to understand, to accept, to ponder or help ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is a long walk, a favourite film or cosy chat over a coffee with a friend.

self care

It really is true what they say: that a problem shared is a problem halved. Sometimes, however much we worry and despair, it is not as bad as we think. It can be resolved, sorted, talked through and banished.

For many, the lack of sunlight and warmth heading into the new season can exacerbate these situations and worries. We feel trapped with limited sunshine and all-covering darkness when we travel to and from work. It’s a time to readjust then. To re-establish what helps to balance you, what relieves those burdens and what brings you joy.

self care

Make plans for the weekends, see friends – even if only for an hour – and make time for family, reading, watching films and exercise. The months of autumn and winter are a time for indulgence and comfort too. For treating yourself and feeling safe, secure and cosy. So, take advantage of the rain, the wind and the cold, and make your home into one that is warm, welcoming and comforting – one where you can relax and unwind until the first signs of spring start to appear.