Maggie wears the Ophelia in forest green single crepe wool with olive trim

Born out of a passion for women, fashion, and their stories. The Semple Dress Collection is bespoke fashion at its finest.

It was an exciting moment when my designer, Hilla Brunhilde Schönborn agreed to design my first collection of dresses. During one of my many visits to Italy, Hilla shared with me her sketches and paper patterns, then produced the first toiles; and I have worn Hilla’s beautiful creations ever since.

I am someone who likes to wear well made, bespoke clothing and so after sourcing my perfect dress I was unsurprised to discover that many other women shared my vision of finding the dream dress. Yet finding well cut dresses, made from exquisite fabrics, that are sized and priced appropriately can often be hard to find.

I want to share the experience that is made to measure with women everywhere. So armed with original designs from Hilla, the Semple Dress Collection was born, because I believe that a Semple dress is the answer to every woman’s sartorial needs.

Image: Maggie wears the Ophelia sleeveless in brown pure silk.



From that all important business meeting to prestigious after work events, there are often time’s in our busy careers when an off the peg dress just doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Here at Semple we are intrigued by women, fashion, and their stories; wholeheartedly believing a dress can say so much. A woman’s wardrobe is an extension of her personality and as such should be bespoke, unique and beautiful.   

Produced for intellectually curious women who are drawn towards elegant style, our exclusive collection is bespoke fashion at its finest. Curate your very own Semple Dress by selecting one of our unique styles from a range of hand picked fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns. Then complete the bespoke experience with a vivid contrasting coloured lining to ensure you feel extra special inside and out.     

From your initial consultation at our atelier in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, become immersed in the creation of your very own Semple Dress. A sartorial experience like no other, work alongside our skilled artisans from inception to creation of your one of a kind garment.

To book your personal consultation contact or 0207-836-6001asseeninfinal