Stay Chic Through Winter

I don’t know about you, but it’s really tempting to wrap myself up in layers of woolly jumpers when it comes to Christmas – no cares given if I look like a burrito. Keeping up a fashionable appearance isn’t easy when the temperature is hitting rock bottom, but let’s not allow the dreary weather to dampen our style. Here are five fashionable winter looks of 2015 I’ve found to help you get your chic back!

Trusty camel coat


Range of camel coats, all ASOS

I’m sure you have seen the typical camel coat throughout the whole of Autumn this year, but, needless to say this look still works. Not only is it an essential part of any Winter wardrobe, but this coat is a classic, it’s flattering and it can brighten up just about any outfit. Find a range of camel coats to suit any budget at ASOS. 

Fur Gilet


I’m absolutely loving the gilet look at the moment. Stay chic in the rain by pairing a faux fur piece with a jumper dress and knee-high boots. A gilet is another item that can really spice up an outfit; take a white shirt and a pair of black jeans, add your faux gilet and you’re well on your way to becoming a fashionista.

Leather trousers


Harvey biker leather trousers, £295, Reiss

Get your urban chic on with a pair of leather trousers, promising to spruce up a tame outfit. Slip on an oversized black jumper and jacket but cool it down with some trainers or converse and you’ve got yourself a stylish-but-casual look. Go all out with real leather from Reiss or grab a pair of faux leather skinnies from most high street stores. 

Winter two-piece


Jamila grey two piece, €49.95, Lady Habits

This cold weather styled co-ord is truly a breath of fresh (not freezing) air. A knitted long-sleeve top paired with a matching pencil skirt screams class and style on a cold day. ASOS have a huge selection of two-pieces under £40 and, to complete this look, finish with a pair of cute kitten heels.

A-line button-front skirts

I’ve been seeing this one item everywhere this year and it would definitely be the trend I’d pick for 2015. The seventies-style A-line button-front skirts are making a beeline for winter fashion this year and as a skirt, the button-front is hard to beat for versatility. Style it with a pair of black tights and any style of boot whether it be knee-highs or ankle boots. Suede is also enjoying its revival at the moment and I can’t wait to see more of this trend in December. Zara are currently selling a gorgeous denim button-front for £29.99. Don’t miss out!