Stratum C


When I discovered that the latest beauty products I was to be testing were actually targeted at women going through the menopause I was a little sceptical as to how they could benefit me, a 28 year old with relatively average skin that is prone to hormonal monthly breakouts. Yet when I began to read up on the Stratum C Calming Toner and Menopause Spot Relief I realised that not only did the spot treatment include salicylic acid (a commonly used ingredient in most acne treatments), the toner also claimed to offer protection from free radicals that contribute to ageing, and who doesn’t want to stay youthful?! So with this in mind I started my three week trial of the Stratum C skin care range and here’s what I discovered…

Calming Toner 


Calming Toner, £19, Stratum C

I’ve never been great when it comes to beauty regimes, I lazily substitute a cleanse, tone, and moisturise routine for a splash of micellar water and the occasional wet wipe. Yet after three weeks of using the Stratum C Calming Toner morning and night I have to say that it may well be a ritual that I can get on board with. The toner, which boasts natural botanical ingredients including Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Orange Flower, helps to invigorate skin cells and protect the face from dryness and ageing. The refreshingly light liquid – applied in a circular motion with a cotton pad – smelt heavenly and left my skin feeling as if it could really breathe which was a great alternative to the familiar sticky residue left by wet wipes and definitely worth the extra minute in front of the mirror.

Menopause Spot Relief 


Menopause Spot Relief, £31, Stratum C

My first mistake when I received the Stratum C Menopause Spot Relief treatment was to shake the small glass bottle which, due to the split mixture of liquid and sediment, looked very much as if it had gone off to my untrained eye. It turns out that the spot relief treatment that combines Salicylic Acid, Zinc Oxide and Sulphur “oxidises in air forming a pink powder on the site of the spot”, meaning that the potent pink powder is stored under liquid for very good reason. Unlike any other spot treatment I’ve used before (and let me say I’ve tried and tested many in my time!) the Stratum C product really felt as if it was going to do the trick. Using a cotton bud to scoop up sediment from the bottom of the bottle, I spread the pink filler like cream onto affected areas and within seconds the sediment dried like a powder. Despite probably being completely psychological, I liked the fact that the product had a potent chemical smell and could be physically seen on my face.

Regardless of whether you are going through the menopause or just prone to hormonal breakouts, the Stratum C spot relief treatment is a useful product to have stashed in your beauty arsenal. Applied every night before bed to troublesome areas, the specially formulated sediment really does help to reduce the size of spots and help you through unsightly breakouts without a bucket load of industrial concealer or a strategically placed fringe!