Take time to reflect

Even as we enter a new year, we always forget the importance of reflection. Of looking back and taking stock. Of admitting what we did, how we felt and what we want to change or improve on. Without this, we simply continue, content or not, until another week, month or year passes us by. 

Reflection needn’t be an awe-inspiring or all-encompassing endurance test, nor must it be solely negative, but rather to reflect on a given moment or time. Whether that’s reflecting on 2018 and what it taught us, looking back on the last month or even reflecting on a meeting and considering how we could have handled it better. 

There has been so much talk surrounding mindfulness and being kinder to yourself, that reflection – both in life and self – actually goes hand in hand. It offers us an opportunity to improve and set goals on individual matters. No-one even need know what your reflections may be, and yet it gives us the chance to change something if we wish to. It’s almost like a resolution, but reviewed and set as and when it’s needed throughout the year.

We’re all so busy simply being busy, that it’s easy to motor along without taking this much-needed time. Life, work and love was never intended to be completed at such a pace. Parts of it should be slow, meaningful and appreciated – not side-stepped, trodden and forgotten, with a quick picture to prove we did it. Before we know it, time will have passed us by and we will have forgotten the meaning and importance of what it is we’ve accomplished.

Reflection then, could be looking back on the day you’ve had whilst you’re in the bath, or making the most of your Sunday mornings to enjoy a long-drawn-out coffee or dog walk. Words need not be spoken. Simply set aside some time – how ever often you can afford to take it – to unjumble those thoughts, gather together your memories, look in the mirror and praise yourself for what you’ve accomplished. 

You might be surprised at how effective being reflective really can be.