TanOrganic is a popular oil-based fake tan containing only natural ingredients which the company claims to work both on the face and body to deliver ‘stunning tanning results’. Creator of TanOrganic, Noelle O’Connor, says proudly: “I don’t want my products to be mainstream or just like all the others. TanOrganic is a unique brand because I care about what I apply to my skin and I only want to use the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients in TanOrganic products. I believe this is my responsibility and for this reason I believe TanOrganic will be a world-beater and a globally successful brand.”

Personally I’m not an avid fake tan user and so naturally I felt apprehensive about using the product, paired with the fact that I am fair skinned. But I was attracted to the fact that this product is organic.


After reading through the instructions, I could see that this was a fake tan you don’t need to use gloves with. So I rubbed a thin layer of the oil over my arms and spread evenly, ensuring to cover any gaps I may have missed out on. The trouble with tanning products that aren’t instant, is that we can’t see where the product has and more importantly hasn’t been applied. But if you use a small amount of product there is less chance of the tan becoming uneven.

I am pleased to say that the tan sunk in to my skin almost instantly, so I wasn’t left with a film of oily grease along my arms. I was able to go to bed without the fear of the tan smudging all over my sheets, or of it sliding off my skin and becoming patchy. Best of all, the product smelt fresh and natural.


The next morning, my skin felt soft and to my joy, my arms were a gorgeous bronze colour. The result wasn’t too dramatic for my fair skin; in fact I wanted to use it again to achieve more of a tanned look. But I was pleasantly surprised with the natural result and so continued to use it the following evening to perfect my now bronze, glowing skin!

The main aspect about this product that I felt really ecstatic with was that it didn’t react to my sensitive skin. So why not ditch the UV rays and faint smell of biscuit as for just £19.99 you can purchase a 100ML bottle of TanOrganic and create the perfect ‘natural’ tan.