The 30 Before 30 Bucket List

With my 29th birthday fast approaching, it feels as though the big 30 is looming ever closer with it. With that thought, comes another: “Is there anything that I should’ve done in my 20s, but didn’t?”

Much like the infamous bucket list that bullet points an array of tourist attractions and travel destinations to visit, I started reading about the “30 before you’re 30” list. Essentially, it’s a list of 30 things you’d like to accomplish before you turn 30. The concept is simple enough, but the idea is one that caught my attention. Everyone enjoys writing lists, and more importantly, ticking things off said lists, so it seemed this was something I could get on board with.

bucket list

From watching and reading about lists others had created, some had divided their list into three categories: work, life and play. To be honest, I couldn’t really think about 10 different things that I’d like to accomplish at work, especially within such a short timeframe. This is another point to mention, many of those I got caught watching or reading, were starting their lists at the youthful age of 25 or 26 and were thereby giving themselves a healthy five years to complete and tick off all 30 items. I on the other hand, have given myself just over a year so it’s important to think about the logistics and possibilities. As much as I’d love to go back to Australia, I haven’t really given myself enough time.

I think it’s important not to become too caught up in it either, it’s a bit of fun and something to look back on with fondness when I’m planning my “40 before I’m 40” list. Not everything has to be ticked off but it puts into perspective what’s important and highlights the things you really want to achieve, even if you’ve never thought about them before. From the simple: hosting a dinner party, to the even simpler: make homemade ice cream, to the slightly harder to organise: plan that trip to America, and the wistful daydreams (which we all need a little of): buying a house.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything extraordinary or unreasonable that I want to achieve, I just want to wake up on my 30th birthday happy, healthy and surrounded by those I love. At the same time, as you enter a new chapter (or decade), it’s nice to look back and think: Yes, I did what I wanted to do.