The Gift Of Giving

With my boyfriend’s birthday fast approaching always comes the obligatory line – ‘Oh, don’t worry about getting me anything’, quickly followed by my mandatory response – ‘Don’t be silly, of course I want to buy you something.’

The trouble is, I do always struggle with what to buy him. He is not a material guy and has no use for ‘things’, except an ongoing penchant for Adidas trainers. What then, do you buy the guy who has no want for anything?

gift giving

These musings for gift-buying were actually sparked further when I stumbled across a caption on Instagram the other day. The lady was wishing her husband a happy birthday and stated they were enjoying the day together followed by a meal out later. She ventured to add that neither of them bought each other presents any more – that they had no need for ‘things’ and would rather just spend time together instead. While I love this declaration – and have a lot of time for spending time together – I think it’s always nice to buy something, however small. It’s the act of giving which helps to make a day so special. Especially when it’s something thoughtful and unexpected, and it certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either.

gift givingSo, with that in mind, I’ve been racking my brain. Thinking what would make him smile, happy, excited or content. It’s true when they say that birthdays become less important – or celebrated – the older you get, but they should never lose their magic. A homemade cake for example, can still be as gratefully received whether you’re turning 12 or 42.

Thinking back to the Instagram post then, I always think activities or memories are a wonderful investment – even more so than a pair of Adidas trainers. Perhaps. Last year I booked him in for a clay pigeon shooting session, which he still mentions today, so maybe I’ll look into something like that for this year too. While you don’t need to shower money or gifts to show someone how much you care, thoughtfulness goes a long way, and needn’t cost much at all.