The Stories We Could Tell

We each have a story to tell. Whether we are five years old, or 50 years old. It could be a nostalgic fairy-tale filled with pirates and princesses that reminds us of our childhood, or an eponymous story detailing our greatest memories. It could be a sad one, or one filled with happiness. One with a moral to be told, or one that simply makes us laugh.

In a time when many of us choose to tell our story – through a blog, diary or through those small symmetrical squares on Instagram, we have become a world of sharers. Some may choose to share their whole lives through reality TV, and others through only a snapshot.

There has been some controversy surrounding social media in recent months though. That this so-called perfect lifestyle shown through mediums such as Instagram help to create a false sense of happiness, or how life should and can be. It’s important to remember though, that it is but a show-reel of someone else’s highlights.


Just because their life appears to be happy or perfect though their own snapshots, it doesn’t always mean we know their story. We only know what they choose to show, we don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes, or what the outtakes are really like.

It would be interesting to hear what people perceive of our own lives – both those who know us and those who don’t. What they believe to be true from the information we offer through social media, idle chit-chat and real conversation.


In truth though, I’m not sure we ever really know the stories that people would tell us. Even the celebrities we follow and feel as though we know so much about, or those best friends we’ve known a lifetime. Everyone’s story is different. It’s unique, personal, and in some ways, much like a fairy-tale.

The one you have may seem silly to others, but to you it makes perfect sense. It’s a story you know off by heart and one that will always bring you home. You don’t have to share it, or write about it, or even reveal it to those who are closest to you. It’s yours.