The Wine Butler

It’s no secret that us Brits like a tipple and over the years our taste for the grape has taken wine drinking from merely a connoisseur’s game to an integral part of our social and cultural lives. In fact, a recent poll by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association showed that wine is now the favoured alcoholic drink for 60% of UK adults; racking up over 30 million regular wine consumers across the country. Yet despite our vast consumption much of what we now drink, we drink from the comfort of our own home.

the wine butler

Yet unless you have a keen palate and an eye for wine how often is the stuff we sip at home subpar to the quality we would enjoy at a bar or with dinner at a restaurant? Wine drinking may very well be mainstream today, but choosing the right bottle is still something quite elusive to your average joe. But if you do favour a bottle on the sofa over a glass at an over priced bar then what you need is a wine butler…and he is cheaper than you might expect.

Meet Kevin Latouf, AKA The Wine Butler. Kevin is a man obsessed with wine, but not just any old wine, his speciality is the organic varieties and he travels the world in search of the most delicious wines to deliver direct to your door.

the wine butler

Originally a professional sportsman, Kevin has always been immersed in the world of in wine; his parents ran a wine bar affording him exposure to good quality wines and the environment in which to nurture an understanding behind them. But it wasn’t until a career change from sport that he decided to throw himself into the industry, but this time take a different route and hone his craft with organic only wines.

Unlike most supermarket wines, organic wine hasn’t been made with artificial chemicals, additives and a concoction of nasties such as pancreas, dried fish bladders, acetaldehyde and dimethyl bicarbonate…sounds delicious, no? Therefore invest in a bottle of organic  for an authentic, pure taste of the place it was made.

the wine butler

Non organic Vs organic 

Kevin’s organic wines leave the artificial rubbish in a lab where it belongs and instead opt for ingredients grown without the use of any chemicals; using natural yeasts found in the vineyard, and a minuscule drop of sulphur (just to keep the wine safe for transport). It “tasted cleaner and more flavoursome” claimed Kevin and that both his body and mind felt better knowing no “nasties” were added to the bottle. This simple and sincere process means that not only does the vino taste better than anything you can buy off the shelf at your local, it also wont give you that dreaded foggy head the morning after. So if you fancy sipping on something organic that wont leave you with a splitting head tomorrow check out the Wine Butler and start pouring!

Packages start from as little as £30.00 per month and are delivered direct to your door every month.