Thirst Things First: Stay Hydrated

We all know how difficult it can be to stay well hydrated if you are always on the go. It’s so easy to forget to drink enough water when your busy at work or out running errands. But staying hydrated is a key part to our welling. Water is vital to keeping us healthy.; it regulates our temperatures, cushions our joints and even protects the brains. Meaning it is extremely important to get the recommended 2 litres per day.

But with the war on plastic an ever-present issue in today’s society it’s also important to think about where you’re sipping from. So, this year ditch the throwaway bottles and invest in a reusable that will not only help save the planet but help keep you healthy too.

Root 7, £20

Stylish and functional this water bottle looks like a sleek cocktail shaker. Made of stainless steel and available in a variety of colours, it claims to keep cold drinks cool for 25 hours and hot drinks hot for 12! The secure lid also means it’s a good one for putting in your bag when you’re out and about or to use at work.



EMPO, £9

Jazz up boring old water with your fave fruits and herbs. An infuser is like a normal water bottle, only with an extra compartment that can be filled with chopped fruit to flavour. The EMPO bottle is dishwasher-safe making it easy to clean and with a 700ml capacity its bigger than most reusable water bottles on the market meaning even packed with fruit there’s still plenty of room for water.

Bobble, £8

Designed in the USA and constructed from recycled BPA-free plastic, Bobble has a changeable carbon filter is built into the lid, which removes chlorine from tap water so you can get bottle-clean water straight from your kitchen meaning you’ll stay hydrated and save some cash. Bonus!



BKR, £25

Loved by any fashionista worth her salts, these glass bottles are protected by a rubber sleeve and come in an array of on trend colours. They look good enough to take pride of place on your desk.



Citrus Zinger Sport, £16.99

 So long fiddly chopping – The Citrus Zinger is the simplest infuser bottle out there. Simply cut your fruit in half, shove it in the bottom, fill up the water and away you go. The handy finger loop means it’s perfect for a busy commute or even at the gym.