Tidy house, tidy mind

We tend to hear a lot about the effects of clutter and having too many ‘things’. How having a crowded space can lead to a crowded and cluttered mind. That adopting a more minimalist lifestyle can offer a wealth of benefits, both in mind and space.

It makes sense, doesn’t it, that if we live in a crowded house with lots of unnecessary clutter, that each day will feel busy or over-whelming. This is mirrored in our wardrobes too. Having too many clothes and potential outfit choices can leave us struggling when we are choosing what to wear each day – hence the growing popularity of the ever-trendy capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to our homes, the beauty of simple Scandinavian interiors continues to grow too. We value the thoughtfulness and mindfulness that having a less-cluttered space brings. It isn’t about being ruthless or overly strict but rather about only having a few of our favourite things around us. Of taking a more conscious approach in what we buy and bring in to our homes or wardrobes.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

While I don’t love a cluttered house, I do love a cosy home. One with candles and photographs, copious amounts of books, flowers and memories. It’s about wanting to create a space that feels welcoming – not only to you but for guests too.

As we venture into autumn then, many of us are thinking about – or currently having – a big old clear-out. It helps set us up for the hibernation period ahead, and evokes that cosy, ‘I’m home’ feeling.

I recently had – perhaps one of my biggest – wardrobe clear-outs. I often go into these thinking there’s not much I no longer need; but two big bin bags later told me otherwise. Not only do these help to reassert what you love in your wardrobe but they make you realise items you’d forgotten about or simply overlooked in recent months too.

I don’t tend to abide by the cardinal rule – if you haven’t worn it in the last year then throw it out – because I can be quite sentimental about my clothes. Rather, I look at what I have and instinctively know what I no longer need. It’s important to traipse through every corner and pull out every drawer. To be brutal in places, yes, but kind in others. Don’t get rid of items just because you feel you must – unless of course you’re limited on wardrobe space.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Despite multiple books and videos telling you that you shouldn’t, I would always advise keeping those items that hold special memories. Store them in the loft if you must. There’s nothing worse than giving something away and later regretting it. So, while we should be mindful in what we buy, we should be equally as mindful in what we give away too.