Travel Buddies for Life


Some of you will remember me from my travel posts last year. I spent the early part of 2015 venturing around India and South East Asia with my boyfriend and had the time of my life. Having been home exactly a year this month, I have had time to reflect on my trip and one thing that has stayed with me is how grateful I am that I just did it! I never thought I would, well before I met my boyfriend Cam anyway. I had always loved the idea of it, of packing up, getting back to basics, of submerging myself in foreign cultures and of settling in far off distance places for periods at a time. But I never actually saw myself doing it. I was either in a relationship that wasn’t even stable enough to survive on home turf let alone some place else or single. Some might say being single is the perfect time to pack up and go, but for me solo travel just wasn’t even an option. While I’m sure for some people it’s a freeing, soul searching experience, for me it was a completely terrifying notion. I’m far too apprehensive for that and while I do enjoy my own company, I longed to see the world with someone by my side – someone I could share it all with. My friends aren’t really the backpacking type so it left me out of luck and just daydreaming.

cam&soph 2

Luckily, life gave my a get out of jail card in the form of Cam. The opposite to me in so many ways, he embodies that ‘just do it’ attitude and so with him at my side my dream of adventure became a reality. But what if that never happened? What if I never met Cam, would I have just stayed put? Never having had the courage to leave and have the incredible experiences I had last year – never growing as a person? It’s a thought that scares me; to think that out of fear I could have missed out on what has been, to date, the most brilliant time of my life.


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