Unclutter your mind

They say, don’t they, that a tidy house equals a tidy mind. There is certainly some truth in this, for the majority at least. It’s like anything, if one aspect of your life feels untidy and cluttered, it ripples into other aspects simultaneously.

As the buzz of the festive season wares down and we come to accept that yes, another year has passed us by and yes, it’s nearly 20 years since the countdown to the millennium, we begin to feel an itch that needs scratching. We long to rid our homes of rogue pine needles and Christmas decorations in favour of the first bulbs and freshly-washed linens to remind us that spring – albeit quite a way off – is coming. Of course, we then remember that the infamous ‘beast from the east’ struck us in the depths of March last year which makes us a little hesitant in thinking the warmer weather is just around the corner.

Amidst the inevitable January blues then, when we no longer have the Christmas season to look forward to, ideas for new DIY projects, home improvements and spring wardrobes fill our thoughts. The days are still painfully dark, with frosty mornings yet still to strike, and so dreaming up projects and perusing Pinterest seems like the best way to fill our time before action can be taken.

In preparation then, cleaning, organising and decluttering are perfect winter weekend tasks. By choosing a cupboard, one drawer or a section of your wardrobe at a time, what first seemed like a morosely menial task can actually feel rather satisfying. Not to mention a pleasant surprise at just how much unnecessary clutter you’ve collected over the years. 

Go through your wardrobes, the kitchen cupboards – even the loft – and organise into piles of keep, store, or take to the charity shop. While I am awfully sentimental at heart, clearing out the unnecessary can feel wonderfully cathartic and rewarding, especially if you’re giving it away to a good cause.

What’s more, when the warmer months do spring around, the worst of the tasks will already have been completed, meaning the DIY projects and home improvements can commence!