Waving Goodbye to 2018 Trends

2018 was the year of the bum bag revival, of animal print and transparent accessories. We saw a lot of love for green, for velvet and the midi-skirt continued its reign. We saw collaborations aplenty, including the perennially popular William Morris prints making a highly coveted clothing line with high-street retailers, H&M.

Of the trends we love, and continue to wear, animal print seems to be going nowhere. But there were one or two more questionable trends that we’re hoping may stay put in 2018.

Bum bags. Fanny packs. This nostalgic accessory goes by many names, and before 2018, was firmly rooted in the 1980s to early 1990s. Their reappearance conjured up family holidays – when they didn’t quite brandish the name Gucci, but rather racing green and neon pink. Back then, they were a necessity, perfect for camping holidays, sightseeing excursions or holding festival essentials, rather than a day-trip shopping in New York or Paris. But, as with all trends, they always come back around. This never-ending circle of fashion sees bygone trends reinvented and revived for the modern day. Despite the hefty price tag that the newly revamped bum bag held last year, I can’t see it making its way into the small social squares of 2019. At least, not as a must-have item.

Much like the controversy that ensued over the above, the ugly trainer trend, as it affectionately became known, divided the fashion world too. It wasn’t long before the high-street cottoned on to our questionably love for the big and the clunky and brought out their own version of the infamous Balenciaga number.

As with all these trends that trickle down from the luxury powerhouses, the more affordable retailers always bring out a modest version – perfect if you’re not wholly convinced on a new look but fancy giving it a go at a fraction of the price.

Last, but certainly not least then, was the apparent need for showing everyone your goods. Transparent and perspex bags became quite the trend in 2018. There was a lot wrong with this though – not only from a security perspective in that everyone could see what you were carrying around with you – but that it would undoubtedly become all about a curated collection of possessions. Which, as we know, certainly isn’t what a lady’s handbag is all about.

As we look to 2019 then, we anticipate the arrival of new and unexpected trends to laugh, scoff and fall in love with.