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“A picture is worth a thousand words” – it’s corny but it’s true. Pictures have always been special to me, as I child and even now, I have had this fascination with them. I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent rifling through albums and boxes that belong to my mother, her mother and her mother before that, drinking in the memories, looking back on moments from my own life and from moments when I was yet to even exist in this world.


I love the way a photograph can do that; capture a moment before it is gone and then transport you back to that exact time and place, even if you weren’t there to begin with. They evoke our emotions and our senses. When I look at a picture of my Grandmother I can remember exactly how her hair smelt and exactly how soft her hands were. I remember memories I thought I had long since forgotten when I see them frozen in front of me and I can remember exactly how I felt at that moment. But what I like most is that no matter how hard you try no two photos will or would ever be the same, they cannot be reproduced. These snap shots will never change even if the people in them do.

My SnappBook

My SnappBook

The digital images of today are not the same. They stay held hostage within LED screens and get lost amongst our digital footprint. They are taken and then cease to exist. They aren’t held or looked at in awe as they should be. There is something quite melancholy about them really, these snippets of our lives left to float around in some online space. So because there is nothing quite like a physical photograph this year I have started to print mine, because we are here for just a moment and then we are gone and I want my children and their children’s children to riffle through my photographs. I want to leave something behind and in my quest to create this collage of my life I came across My SnappBook. With their free app you can effortlessly create a photo book straight from your phone for just £11.99. The app allows you to choose twenty images per book which are then printed, bound and posted out to you in two working days.

My SnappBook

The truth is that this is our digital age and many of us will rely on the cameras on our phones and tablets to take our pictures. The beauty of My SnappBook is that they understand this and by combining traditional printing methods with the digital age they have given us a way to secure our memories so that our generation won’t be stuck inside a screen smiling out at someone they don’t know in years to come.

My SnappBook

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*My SnappBook is available from April 1st 2016