Why Contour When You Can Colour In?

After contour became a major trend of 2015, it has become an imperative part of makeup application for many of us. But it seems that this obsession has been taken to another level as traditional contouring has evolved into colour contouring. Yep, you guessed it, your typical light creams and dark browns are out and reds, greens and purples are in. Not to be confused with clown contouring, this professional technique promises to erase dark circles and even redness, for a flawless complexion.


As you can imagine, this technique involves painting different colours on different areas of your face to counteract certain hues. This method works scientifically in a sense, whereby you would use a green on a particularly red area of your face, as green ‘cancels’ out red. This trend began when popular Instagram beauty and makeup artist tianacosmetics posted a short video of herself applying every shade possible from the colour wheel to her face. Comments ranged from ultra-supportive fans claiming “this is amazing” to critical statements such as “I feel like [colour] correcting is so overrated and like unnecessary unless you just put a little green concealer”. 

NOTE: (AFTER I BLEND THE COLOUR CORRECTING OUT I PUT FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER ON TOP) Hey guys!! I'm super excited for this insta video because it's a collab with the one and only @nicolconcilio ❤️❤️?? we both used the @nyxcosmetics @nyxcanada colour correcting kit! The purple is to correct any weird yellows on my skin, green is for any redness or blemishes I may have, yellow and the salmon pink are for any dark circles, darkness or any acne scaring. DISCLAMER: this video was for fun and just a fun way to teach you about colour correcting. The amount used is not for every day colour correcting unless you do have any extreme discolouration on you face. A little can go a long way for colour correcting 🙂 SHOW US your CRAZY colour correcting using the hashtag #colorcorrectingclash !! PS I have a mini makeup tutorial on this look a few posts back (my inspired Barbie makeup tutorial) as well as the FULL tutorial on my YouTube channel! Hope you are all having a lovely day! #tianacosmetics

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But regardless, this new-found beauty trick seems to work. How? Well, if you have purplish-blue circles under your eyes, use an orange or red colour to rid any darkness. Swipe some green concealer over any red areas such as pimples or inflamed cheeks, and any sickly, pale or yellow undertones can instantly be brightened up by a dab of blue or purple. And finally, your brighteners are peach and yellow for dull, dark shadows.


Image courtesy of theblondeshell.com

It seems a little much for a daily makeup routine, but I think it could be a real miracle for people who struggle with a flare up of acne or psoriasis and need a quick fix. This is along with those who have dark circles and can never find a concealer good enough to hide them. The only issue I can see with using red to cancel out under-eye bags is perhaps the red tint making any potential red areas of yours, look even more red. But that’s just a thought of mine.

nyx colour correcting concealer

NYX Colour Correcting Concealer, £10, Selfridges

I would say I’m an advocate of this colour wheel theory and I’m looking forward to seeing even more before and after photos online. Used sparingly under a suitable foundation, I would say this technique has got the potential to dominate contouring. Grab a contour palette at Selfridges, who are currently selling NYX Cosmetics’ colour contour palette for only £10. Happy contouring!