Winter Dressing

It sometimes feels as though during the winter months, we find ourselves confined to thick knits, chunky scarfs and bobble hats. With the sun not rising until much later, getting dressed in the dark – unless you’ve prepped what you’re wearing the night before – rarely results in an overly stylish outfit.

While I love the idea of autumn dressing with colourful hues and chunky knit jumpers, the weather during the bitter winter months can pose more of a sartorial problem. With temperatures outside rarely rising above 10 degrees, not to mention the onslaught of wind and rain, choosing what to wear to stay both warm and dry isn’t always easy. The problem only continues when you arrive at the office to find that it feels as though the heating has been slowly blowing out hot air all night too. It’s either too hot, or too cold, and rarely ‘just right’.

I find myself re-wearing the same cable knits, teddy coat and ridiculously large blanket scarves in an effort to stay warm and deter yet another cold from striking. While the rain causes all manner of early morning indecisions when it comes to footwear – especially if you’re prone to buying somewhat impractical footwear, like suede.

So the thought of spring with its warmer, longer and more frequent sunshine-filled days, is quite frankly filling me with joy. It’s the perfect time for a refresh, a change of heart or a chance to try something new. We can venture out in just a jumper and worry less about the chance of slipping over as we walk the treacherous icy cold pavements home in the dark. Everything seems brighter somehow, both literally and metaphorically.

Although we still have a few months left of these cold, dark mornings before Daylight saving time graces us in late March – and not to wish the time away – I’ve compiled a list of the best three items to keep at the forefront of your wardrobe for these particularly rainy days:


Brandy Patent Boot | Topshop | £36

Not too high, or too low – a good pair of waterproof black boots are a staple at this time of year.

Winter Dressing

Biker Jacket | Whistles | £195

A coat to keep you dry, warm and stylish, all rolled into one.

Winter Dressing

Heather Felt Fedora Hat | Jigsaw | now £34

For those days when you don’t want to haul around an umbrella for fear it’ll blow itself inside out, a simple fedora to keep frizzy hair to a minimum is a must.

Winter Dressing