Style is so incredibly subjective, isn’t it? Much like our love for art, films and movies, but these can’t always be seen. Style is a first impression. Even before we speak, listen or make eye contact. Sometimes it is the only impression. I still think about a look or outfit I may have seen someone wearing – which has then inspired me to seek out or style something similar – despite never even speaking to them or knowing their name.

Whether we like it or not then, fashion creates a first – and even lasting – impression. You don’t even have to like fashion, or consider yourself a “stylish” person, which is a subjective term in itself. We would all consider what to wear to a job interview or to a wedding. We would pour and ponder over colour in the second instance and professionalism or impression in the first.

Some consider clothes a mere necessity. They are not something to spend lots of money on, or to take too much time deciding over in the mornings. Then they are those, of which I would probably put myself into, that adore style; no doubt from an early age. It is not the materialism that interests me – quite the opposite in fact – but more the ‘style’ element. How people complement certain items, how they style a white T-shirt or what accessories they choose. I just love looking at what people wear for endless inspiration. Perhaps I should say this is an adoration for style then over fashion; for there are also those that simply love clothes and shopping. Those that simply covet new to invite impression and feed a desire.

The truth is, that all of these perspectives will create impressions – lasting or otherwise.

I’ve spoken before about how much I enjoy the act of getting dressed in the mornings. Whether for work, to pop to the shops, breakfast with friends or even lounging about enjoying a day at home, I always take time to consider what to wear. This isn’t vanity per se, but more an unequivocal love for style. Even if I’m reaching for a plain t-shirt, I think about what jewellery to wear to make it more ‘me’, what colour jeans complement it best, and what to bring with me in case I get chilly. I rarely just grab anything, thinking ‘Oh, that’ll do.’ Unless I’m really late.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered about first impressions, but dressing for me feels like an art. Mixing colours, textures and styles to create a look that might just inspire one person that day, even if we never even meet.

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