For the east of England, the clouds finally opened last week as the lightning and thunder struck and the rain hammered on our windows throughout the night. The heatwave of 2018 has been on everyone’s lips – while some have revelled in the continuous sunshine and others have been less than impressed – we’ve enjoyed a run of more than 5 weeks of non-stop sunshine. Despite the recent forecast for rain, which I think we can all agree is a positive one (especially for the garden), it seems as though it’ll be hotting up again in no time.

So, us Brits are finally enjoying a true summer. One where we are getting used to waking up every morning to glorious sunshine and equally glorious temperatures.

Too often we find ourselves with only the odd day here and there in which we can wear our favourite summer pieces. In fact, despite the huge variety of summery options we see in stores, we are usually graced with only a few days throughout the season in which we can wear them. This year then, we have been thoroughly spoilt. Knowing you can choose anything from your summer wardrobe without being too cold throughout the day. This year, I feel as though I’ve really made the best of my summer wardrobe. Wearing pretty dresses or outfits that are typically reserved for holidays abroad.

While on some days it has reached well into the 30s – perhaps a little hot for us with no air conditioning to cool us down – it’s given an insight into what a summer should be. We’re so used to rain and cloudy days – with the odd 28-degree day dotted in – before we head straight back into the autumn months with the imminent clock change. Following on from the barrage of snow we received earlier in the year, we really are experiencing the wonders of each and every season.

So, it’s not quite time to put away those shorts, t-shirts and dresses just yet. Whether you’re still looking forward to your summer holiday, a few days at home, or just going to work, make the most of the sunshine while it lasts – who knows, next year we might see just another ‘traditional’ English summer.


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