A Simple Transition

The snowdrops are beginning to poke through the frozen park grounds. The tulips and spring bulbs are appearing on the supermarket shelves, and shoots of green are appearing in the garden – nature is giving us a promise of what’s to come. 

Whilst I make no secret of struggling with the lack of light and warmth during the winter months, this very first instance of spring fills me with joy. It is often a tease of course – the mornings are still chilly and frosty, the threat of snow is imminent, and the temperatures are far from double figures – and yet, it feels as though spring is in the air. 

It won’t be long before the shops start to hang out their bikinis and sun hats, tempting us to buy into this promise that summer, too, is only around the corner. Of course, it may well be a while before we’re donning the kaftans and lathering ourselves in sun cream – unless of course, you’re venturing off on a winter summer holiday. This transitional period is a tricky one then. We want to bundle up, to wear scarves and hats to protect us from the bitterly cold winds and shower storms, but we want to hint at the better weather to come too.

If, like me, you’re starting to feel somewhat bored of your winter wardrobe, a pre-seasonal refresh can do wonders. For the last few months, you’ve no doubt found yourself getting dressed in the dark. Grabbing the nearest warm cardigan (one that resembles an uncanny resemblance to your dressing gown perhaps) to make that cold and dark transition from pjs to workwear more bearable before 7am.

It’s all too easy for winter dressing to become a robotic process. One focused on warmth and comfort over style and elegance. As we head into the lighter months then, it’s nice to inject a little bit of ‘spring’ into what we wear – if only to renew ourselves and revamp our wardrobes for the months ahead.