A Solitary Moment: The Art of Alone Time

I read a very insightful and thought-provoking article the other day, all about the importance – and enjoyment – of spending alone time. We tend to think that every spare afternoon or hour needs to be spent doing something. Anything. And with someone. Spending time alone – and enjoying it – isn’t something we always talk about though, or put down as a hobby on our CVs.

alone time

The truth is though, that I think many of us do enjoy it. The odd afternoon or morning to yourself to be completely and utterly selfish. To indulge your passions and take time for yourself. To enjoy a bath uninterrupted, to read and not feel guilty, to bake your favourite chocolately cookies, make a reservation for one, watch your all-time favourite film or take a drive to your favourite town to quietly amble around the streets and shops as you please.

alone time

We always tell ourselves that we simply don’t have the time to indulge this fantasy, when in reality, we do. It’s just that we spend what free time we have in the company of others or doing mediocre chores. While the housework does need doing, and the washing does need washing, and we love to see our friends for coffee, taking the time and making the time to spend time alone is just as equally important.

Every day of our lives we make time for the necessary routines of going to work, doing the food shop, seeing family and friends and cooking dinner – so why can’t we add me-time into the mix too? I’m not talking about every day, or even every week, but setting aside an afternoon or a few hours to indulge in you and your wants, can make the world of difference.

alone time

It allows us time to refresh, to recharge and make the most of being alone. We spend so much of our lives in the company of others, that it’s easy to forget what our own company feels like. Having no plans can often leave us feeling lost, that the thought of spending time alone somehow seems like a failure of sorts. We haven’t anyone to fill our time with, so inevitably we feel that time will be wasted, when in fact the luxury of having no plans is exactly that because you don’t have anyone to please but yourself.

I urge you to try it.