A summer message from your designer, Maggie

You may have seen our promotion The Semple Club on social media over the weekend. Aimed at future leaders, the Semple Club enables women to buy in to the experience of having a bespoke dress for their next important event. If they sign up to the club we will gift them a Semple clutch bag. I guess that you will know someone who is a future leader and if so, please forward this email to them. I will be coming back to you in the autumn to ask if you would be willing to speak at one of our events!

The Semple Shoe Bag
Some of you know that I’m a bit of a stickler about waste particularly in the garment industry.  At Semple we try very hard to ensure that we reduce our fabric waste. Not only are we using surplus fabric to make our clutch bags, we have also designed the Semple Shoe Bag made from your lining material. If you would like a shoe bag let me know maggie@maggiesemple.com and we will send you one as a gift.

Your autumn/winter wardrobe
I know that we are just going in to holiday season but I would like you to think about autumn/winter. We are open throughout July and August and would love to welcome you here. Perhaps you will be attending an awards ceremony, speaking at an event, visiting Buckingham Palace or need a small wardrobe refresh. Email dulcie@maggiesemple.com to book your appointment.

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