I always find the transition from summer to autumn the hardest – as I’m sure most people do. From winter to spring is probably the one we all most look forward to. The hibernating animals begin to wake, the buds curl up from the ground and start to flower and there’s a promise of what’s to come. From spring to summer is fairly seamless too, we may notice a rise in temperature, the lighter evenings where we can make the most of leaving work early or not have to worry it’ll be dark by 4pm.


From summer to autumn though often proves a real struggle.

The long sun-filled days and deliciously warm temperatures dissipate into shorter days and colder-still temperatures. Mornings where the sun doesn’t rise until after we ourselves have risen and not being able to leave the house without a warm coat or thick scarf. From autumn to winter the extremities in the weather only increase until we are used to the freezing temperatures and barely 9-hour days of sunshine. The imminence of Christmas and the New Year lull us into a seasonal sleep where we stay inside and wrap up warm, keep ourselves busy with Christmas film re-runs and the excitement of gift buying.

Perhaps it’s because the descent into autumn from summer requires such a big change. We go from temperatures in the late twenties and the sun not setting until 9pm to a rapid decline in sunlight and warmth. We never feel quite ready for it either, despite the more frequent rainfall we’ve been seeing recently, it seems we are still not prepared to wave goodbye to the sunshine.

So, in a bid to prepare and accept the inevitable, it’s important to feel excited. To look forward to what autumn will bring. Sunday’s spent enjoying nourishing roast dinners, afternoon ambles in the countryside, new season binges on Netflix – without feeling guilty you should be outside enjoying the sunshine – the chance to finish off craft projects or DIY tasks, lighting the fire and finally sitting down to finish your book, cosy evenings spent with friends and lazy weekend mornings spent in bed as the rain beats on outside.

As with all four seasons, there are certain aspects we can savour, enjoy and make the most of, and autumn calls for foraged finds, beautiful colours, cosy guilt-free days and settling in for the colder months ahead.


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