As I sat on the plane I marvelled at how I was on my way to New York with Uma, a Semple client. What began as a throw away remark while we were having an indulgent coffee after a ‘bootcamp’ gym session one Saturday, turned into brand Semple arriving in New York during Fashion Week a few weeks later.

We each packed five of our Semple dresses ready for the planned meetings and chance connections. I looked at the guest list for the main Semple event at the Norwood Club that has a reciprocal member arrangement with the Club at The Ivy in London and concluded that these Manhattan women had done their homework. They had visited our website and knew the design and colour of their bespoke dress.

Our four days were packed with meetings with retailers, designers, seamstresses and new clients. We visited women in their offices and as I got to know them it highlighted how we all belong to a huge web of associations. “Are you meeting so and so?” “I’ll e-introduce you.” were comments that I heard frequently.

On the return flight I recalled the yellow cab drivers, many of whom said they loved my accent and when I asked them where they thought I was from they answered Australia! I reflected on a visit to the Museum of Modern Art to see work by artists who are from nations whose citizens are being denied entry in the US such as the late Zaha Hadid. A stroll through Central Park on a bright Sunday morning passing a diversity of people was reaffirming.

Welcome US women to Semple. I will be back in NYC in a few week’s time.

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