There’s a lot to be said for England at this time of year. While many may be planning and booking their holidays and short breaks away, many others are choosing to savour the beauty of Britain.

I’ve always thought that when the sun shines in England, there is simply nowhere else I’d rather be. While the cities and beaches attract many tourists and local visitors, the countryside and more off-the-beaten-track areas remain virtually unspoilt. It is these small areas which reinvigorate my love for this country, especially during the long months of summer.

I visited a small village in Wiltshire over the Bank Holiday weekend and spent many hours exploring and traipsing through the local countryside. With rolling hills and meadows filled with wild flowers, I often found myself simply standing still to take it all in.



Staycations in England have become much more popular in recent years – with many of us choosing to take a two-week holiday right here on our doorstep rather than packing up and flying away to the sunshine. While the weather here will always remain incredibly unpredictable – an unfortunate by-product of our location perhaps – the sunshine-filled days more than make up for it.

It seems ingrained that in order to take a holiday, we must endure a long journey, expect delays and spend a fortune. There’s a lot to be said however for simply exploring the adventures closer to home. So often I’ve been guilty of declaring that I haven’t visited this attraction or that tourist hotspot, even though it’s just up the road. We get so comfortable in our own little home bubble, that we forget to explore what’s around us. Yet when we visit a new city, we walk for hours and hours and make the most of every opportunity to explore should we return home and feel like we missed out. Perhaps it is this lack of urgency that discourages us from taking these steps at home.


This summer I vow to treat my city as a new one. To explore it and see it on a different level. To try out its independent cafes and visit those sights listed so highly amongst tourists. To walk and have no direction – for it is these little excursions that often turn out to be the most memorable.

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