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There’s no such thing as a miracle cure when it comes to wrinkles, because if there was we’d probably all be throwing our money at it and lathering up our faces on a daily basis. But unfortunately as much as the big brands try to sell us on these anti-aging ‘miracle’ creams, there’s only a few effective methods that can really help to slow the clocks. Prevention is the best cure, and even if you have no sign of lines or creases, taking just a few steps can certainly go a long way in helping time not affect your money maker. So if you don’t want to freeze your face with poison, take the more au natural approach.  

Silk Pillowcase

Sleep is a no brainer ladies, and if you’re not getting your full eight hours you’ll soon start to notice those looming dark circles appearing. However as well as your beauty sleep, investing in a silk pillowcase can also prevent those funny morning face creases you get from you usual cotton sheets. As silk is a natural product it is far friendlier to sensitive skin, and after your nightly skincare routine, you can lay your face upon your pillow without the fear that all your expensive products are going to be wiped away!   



Looking lack lustre, dry and a little grey? Your face may be showing you the first signs of dehydration, which can make your skin more susceptible to wrinkling up like a shrivelled prune! On average two litres is the bare minimum you need to sip up to quench your skins thirst, so make an effort to guzzle on nature’s eau de vie more often and you could be looking back in the mirror at clear, glowing skin that radiates health.

carafe of water


We’re the first to admit we love a bit of sun worshipping when we’re on our holiday, but in truth the sun is an enemy of our skin, and as much as it pains us to say it, swapping that golden glow for a more youthful, healthy face, should be the direction we all take. But if you can’t bare to hide away at least ensure that you’re face is covered in the highest SPF possible. And we mean it ladies, the old leathery look should be left to Birkin bags and tan sandals only!

deckchair sun


Why is it that the best tasting food is always so bad for us? And we’re not just talking about waistlines either. Unfortunately bad food also affects our faces, and whilst we’re not exactly what we eat, it certainly shows in the face, so try to curb your sweet fixes and add as much green veg to your diet as possible. Not all face friendly foods taste dull, so if you can’t stomach any extra vegetables on your dinner plate indulge in salmon and pomegranates, as these foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals that make our faces appear more youthful. We’ll take it by the bucket load if that’s possible!

pomegranate skin

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