Feeling Anxious?


I felt exhausted, mentally and physically exhausted.

Anxiety is something that all of us may be familiar with, some more than others. Anxiety can strike in many ways, it can creep up on us, or it can be a hard hitting unbearable and overwhelming sense of worry that can start to feel like it’s spiralling out of control. It’s normal for everyone to feel anxious at some point or another, maybe you have a job interview that you feel nervous about, or maybe you find yourself worrying over something that happened at work and you just can’t shift it from your mind. If your anxiety is affecting your everyday life and you feel that you need some support or guidance, then it’s always best to drop into your GP and explain how you’re feeling.

Everyone will have different ways of dealing with anxiety, here are just a few that may help to settle your nerves and silence your worries.

Walk, Jog, or Run it Off


If you can’t run then jog and if you can’t jog then walk. As long as you get out and you’re moving, in any direction, you’re in the right direction. Fresh air, sunshine, space and a literal sense of freedom will help to quieten your thoughts. If you find yourself really worrying about something, getting outside and walking around gives you the time to at least put your thoughts in order. A change of scenery and the exercise you’re getting at the same time will help you to obtain a more stable sense of control over your anxiety.

Me Time

Our to-do lists are endless and trying to balance all our daily needs can be exhausting on its own. Amidst it all, though, we need to start making time for ourselves. Make sure you find some time to focus on doing something you enjoy. It might be as simple as picking up a good book. Doing something you love and enjoying your own time will help to create a calm atmosphere where you can solely concentrate on that very moment and shut the outside world out for a while. 

Tell a Friend


Telling someone you trust about something that you’re worried about lifts some of the weight that feels as though it is grinding you down. No matter how big or small your worry may be, telling someone you trust not only lets you talk it out, but also allows you to have a new perspective on things. Sometimes we get so caught up with our worry that we over analyse which often leads to heightened anxiety. At times, someone simply telling you there’s nothing to worry about because of X, Y, Z helps you to look at your situation in a new light.

Lifestyle Changes

Certain foods and drinks are linked to inducing anxiety symptoms. Try decreasing or substituting your coffee and energy drinks for a few weeks, for example, and see if you notice a difference with your anxiety. Anything that is likely to increase your anxiety will not help you shift that underlying feeling of worry. Making sure you get enough sleep and keeping yourself active have all been proven to help manage anxiety. Try and be aware of what you’re putting in your body and how much sleep you’re getting.