Autumn Round-Up

Over the last two months I have heard some lovely terms of endearment that have made me smile. You have introduced me to your friends and colleagues as ‘Maggie my designer’ and ‘the brand that is an expensive habit!’ It occurred to me that you would find it helpful to have a ‘card’ on your phone to show and forward to others when they say ‘I love your dress’ so here’s the link for your download

I hope you have seen our Christmas adverts on social media. Inspired by Debenhams, John Lewis and M&S, we created our version at a fraction of their budgets. Each of our video’s feature a few clients so take a look at these two 20 second adverts of our Christmas Gift Experience:

In January 2018 we will launch The Semple Edit, an online magazine for you. As you know our last magazine reached over 2 million viewers; we thought that this success was a good reason to rethink our online presence. The Semple Edit is more client focussed and we have given you access to view it now:

Finally, we love advent calendars. We have produced one that will go live on 27 November. Each day will show a client in her Semple garment which I hope you will enjoy. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for your advent picture!

I will be in touch again before Christmas.


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