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The eyes may be the window to your soul but a handbag will hold all of your secrets. Whether you carry everything apart from the kitchen sink or barely have room for your lipstick, every girl will know how important a handbag is. It is more than just an accessory, it’s a lifeline. From uber totes to smart and boxy there is a never-ending range of gorgeous bags to choose from, but what does the bag you choose say about you?

The Tote
This is the champion of all bags; whatever you throw in your tote, it can carry it. Big, proud and a wardrobe staple of mums and working women everywhere. If you have made it to the age of 30 without investing in a tote then there is something wrong with you. Woman who carry this bag don’t have time to mess around in the morning trying to pack only key items into tiny bag, they are busy women and therefore they will carry their life around with them at all times. A tote makes life easy and their current popularity means that you don’t need to compromise on style to have this hard working bag in your wardrobe.

Image – Cracked Leather Tote – Miu Miu, £1,150

The Satchel
The trusty satchel was made famous by bright, young things Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung; the latter who was lucky enough to have one named after her. Evoking a sense of good old British nostalgia – school children in Enid Blyton books or smart students off to Oxford or Cambridge with long scarves and duffel coats – the satchel is the real charmer of the bag world. It is smart but casual, big but not huge and hands free so you can carry your take away latte and check your emails at the same time.

Image – The Alexa Textured Leather Satchel – Mulberry, £995

Smart and Boxy
If you see a lady carrying a bad so square and tiny you can’t believe she can fit anything into it, be very afraid. This woman is so important she doesn’t need to be burdened by things; she has people around her to carry anything she might need. She is the exception that proves the rule, because for her a bag is just an accessory. This style of bag is most notably on the arm of The Queen herself. Enough said.

 Image – Pink and Red Leather Mini Eva – Lulu Guiness, £275

The Rucksack

Like all things nineties, the rucksack is making a comeback. It’s young, fun and perfect for the many festivals this bag carrier will be attending come summer. They may have had a style makeover but rucksacks still carry with them the shadow of gap year students and the promise of adventure. If you are going to rock a rucksack, avoid looking like a tourist by steering clear of nylons and dark colours and opt instead for colour pop neons and squashy leather fabrics. Girls with rucksacks are having too much fun to worry about their handbag.

Image – Marti Leather Backpack – Alexander Wang, £693

By Samantha Vandersteen

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