Print clash

I’ve been having a bit of a wardrobe clear-out recently which always encourages me to rearrange my clothes too. I bought a new clothing rail to sit alongside the copper one I made at the end of last year (it was beginning to bend in the middle you see, a sure sign you have too many clothes).

I know that there are many different ways to arrange your wardrobe: by item, season or even outfit potential but I’ve always done mine by colour. After taking a step back following the completion of this somewhat mammoth, but enjoyable task, I realised the full extent of the colour and prints I have in my wardrobe. I’ve always been a florals girl at heart and have an ongoing penchant for the Breton stripe but I didn’t realise just how much colour I have adopted over the years.

Floral print skirt


The truth is, I love neutrals and muted tones – the blush pink trend has been one of my favourites this season and I always buy far too many items in grey – but looking at my wardrobe, I also have emerald greens, fuchsia pinks and buttercup yellows all mixed in with pretty cream blouses, navy cardigans and black camisoles.

Iris Apfel bold print


It got me thinking, that while I lust over those girls who have very monochromatic wardrobes with Pinterest worthy outfits mixing crisp whites and camel tones, sometimes it can feel rather liberating wearing a spot of colour too. Although many may shy away due to fears of clashing prints or standing out in the crowd, feeling much safer wearing more neutral tones, sometimes adding a paisley print or green trim can make all the difference to an otherwise simple outfit.

I think the key is to add a little at a time: swap a grey jumper for a more muted fuchsia pink one, invest in a printed shirt and opt for deep aubergine tones over black as we move into the autumn months. Once you begin to experiment, you’ll establish which colours suit you best and which pair well with the more monochrome pieces in your wardrobe. I’m not suggesting being overly adventurous but why not move a little out of your comfort zone and try something different this season?

You can always rely on street style to inspire: highlighting the beauty of colour and mixing prints.

Street style print clash

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