The First Signs of Autumn
It always seems somewhat premature to talk about autumn fashion when we’re not even in the middle of August. It seems that as soon as the schools br....
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Groundhog Day
Growing up, I always enjoyed watching Groundhog Day. The story of a somewhat cynical man who relives the same day, over and over, when he visits the s....
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Monochrome: A Different Perspective
When we think of monochrome in fashion, our minds tend to wander to black, white and greys. Neutral, classic colours without much colour. For man....
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Summer reads
With most of the schools breaking up this week for the summer holidays, many of us are no doubt thinking about jetting off for a short break or family....
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Comfort over style?
As we get older, I’ve noticed more and more that when it comes to fashion, we’re looking for comfort as well as style. Long gone are the days of b....
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