Everyday use of Modern Technology, Mindfulness and ‘switching off'
– Words By Sonal Shah Years ago, communication was limited to using landlines, fax and phone boxes, a simple and straightforward, near fo....
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What if?
Our lives are really just one big decision. From the simple and mundane - like what to have for breakfast - to the grand and potentially life changing....
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The Floral Print
When you ask people some of their favourite prints to wear when it comes to fashion, I think florals - both bold and ditsy - would be a popular choice....
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A Life of Decisions
It sometimes feels as though our lives are a constant stream of decisions. Growing up, those that seem important at the time – who to play with in t....
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A seasonally hot summer
For the east of England, the clouds finally opened last week as the lightning and thunder struck and the rain hammered on our windows throughout the n....
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