They say that it’s the most important meal of the day and that the failure to eat a good hearty breakfast is failure to fuel your body for the day ahead. But there is no meal harder for me to stomach than breakfast. Waking up, jumping out of bed and chowing down is my idea of a nightmare; the mere thought of it makes my stomach turn. I like to wake up leisurely, ease into the morning, indulging in a little brunch action come 11am.


If only every day could be like this and I just might be not only be a breakfast person but a morning person too. Instead my mornings go a little like this…my alarm goes off at 6am and I force myself out of bed, sleep in my eyes, to stand zombie-like over the kettle as I painstakingly watch it boil. I then typically inhale two to three cups of coffee before I’m even out of the door. By the time I’m at my desk at 8:30am nothing but black, unsweetened caffeine has passed my lips. And while I’m still not remotely interested in food at 8:30am, give it an hour or two and I’m seriously flagging. Running on empty my mood drops and my productivity begins to lag. Subsequently I then decide to eat my lunch at 10am only to find that mid-afternoon I’m once again starving and craving something to eat.



My lack of morning fuel means that my entire days eating is off track from the get go and nine times out of ten I end up reaching for the biscuit tin or a unhealthy pre made supermarket sandwich to see me through my slump. So in a bid to change this downward spiral of poor eating I have decided to give my body what it needs, when it needs it. Now I’m never going to be the person who jumps of out bed hungry, but I now make a conscious effort to get myself in the mood for food. One of the biggest turning points for me was when I stared following Instagram phenomenon and self-proclaimed body coach Joe Wicks.


Joe’s approach to breakfast is that it doesn’t have to be the cereal or toast combo we have all been brought up on, instead he is an advocate of healthy fats and proteins for breakfast. We are conditioned to think that we should eat certain foods at certain times of the day, but really that’s utter nonsense. Joe’s recipes see you mixing usual breakfast staples such as eggs and avocado with untraditional items such as rosti, chicken and chorizo. Now a days breakfast for me is far more exciting; I start my morning with a large glass of water and lemon to kick start my metabolism and wake my tummy up and I then flip between gluten free granola with berries and coconut cream, loaded breakfast burritos, sticky rice and mango and even last night’s left overs, and why not. This outlook on food has opened up my world when it comes to breakfast and if like me you don’t like dairy and need to avoid a lot of wheat his ideas will work perfectly for you too. So get following him on Instagram and finally defeat your breakfast woes.

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At 5ft 1 (and a half) Sophie may be small but she is certainly fierce. After finding out she was dyslexic at the age of seven she made it her life’s mission to wage a war against words and carve a career out of a craft she admired so much. Hard work, determination and a lot of journals later, Sophie graduated with a degree in journalism. Her obsession and love for the written word has seen her as Editor at Semple to now blogging her way around the world. She’s irrationally angry, partial to a LARGE glass of chardonnay and has an intolerance for most people.

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