Each new year beckons the start of exciting promise, and it is these aspirations which keeps us all propelling forward.  Of course there will always be the occasional hurdle, but these unexpected challenges make us stronger, and on reflection, give us important life lessons which we learn from and take forward.

While we all hope our business dreams will come true, this is not possible without mutual respect and relationships built on trust.  In 2013, I was asked to set up a women’s entrepreneurial foundation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a year of developing relations, which highlights the importance of these values. However, during last year I spoke to many successful female entrepreneurs all around the globe, and while it is easy to spot obvious similarities between us, the most striking was how they had all resorted to legal action when negotiation failed to amend the problem.

Unfortunately, we have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone shares the same morals and ethics that I and many others apply to business, and in December 2013 I wound up Focus Consultancy Ltd , after their Chairman/CEO Christopher Paul Mullard, refused to honour a contract. This now means that the company is in liquidation and there will be an investigation into why the business traded with debts of over £1 million. Although, this was a lengthy legal procedure, because of it, I am now very keen to share this experience and my newly acquired legal knowledge with others, who may be going through a similar process.

Despite this, the positives of business far outweigh the negatives, and this is why I would encourage anyone to set up their business venture. There is a reason why the heroines always come out on top, which is why we shouldn’t let the small number of villains put our dreams on the line.

As I give thought to what the various programmes in Saudi Arabia might be, I am also eager to begin a prosperous year at MSL, which looks set to be the best yet.

Happy New Year!


Full details of my law case can be found on the UK Companies House register: www.companieshouse.gov.uk and the London Gazette: www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/60701/notices/1951051. (Company Number 02027837)

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